Property Monitoring Services

We are here to make certain that everything inside and outside your home welcomes you, not just when  you are there, but we make certain that your home stays in excellent condition while you are away, too. Enjoy peace of mind and leave the work to us.

Interior Inspections

– Record Humidity
– Record Temperature
– Doors and windows
– Ceilings
– Animal/rodent/insect infestation
– Mold or usual odors
– Plumbing leaks
– Lighting
– Washer and Dryer
– A/C Unit and system controls
– Smoke Detectors
– Faucets and Drains
– All kitchen appliances
– Electronic Devices unplugged
– Run taps/showers, flush toilets
– Breaker Panel

Exterior Inspections

– Roof, chimney, gutters, and downspouts (ground level visual)
– Signs of Vandalism
– Door and windows
– Animal or rodent intrusion
– Insect damage or infestation

– Lawn, trees, shrubs, and gardens
– Patio furniture

– Check and collect mail, remove        solicitations and newspapers
– Faucets and hoses
– Screened in porch/sunroom



Pineapple Estate & Property Management, LLC

Camille Yates, Owner/Manager

Licensed REALTOR® in Florida with Alex MacWilliam, Inc.

Licensed REALTOR® in North Carolina with Blue Ridge Real Estate.

C: 828-747-1130



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