Since colonial times in America, the pineapple has evolved into

a welcome symbol affiliated with hospitality and wealth.

We are here to fulfill all of your real estate needs

and provide you with a welcoming environment second to none.

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Real Estate Sales

Camille Yates is a licensed REALTOR® with Alex MacWilliam, Inc. She will guide you through the entire sales process with finesse and poise.

Property Management

You deserve peace of mind when you're away from your property, be it your primary residence, vacation or second home. We ensure that your property remains in pristine condition all year long. We are also here for you when you are in residence at your property. You don't need to break away from your daily activities to deal with numerous maintenance contractors - you only need to call us, and we can coordinate all of the service work for you.


At Pineapple Real Estate & Property Management we provide experienced, reliable and trustworthy service. We take your worries out of the picture by monitoring your home at any internval you desire. We inspect your property's interior and exterior looking for obvious issues both when you are away for an extended period and when you are at the property, too. Our services are customized to fit your needs and also include concierge services.

Property Monitoring

We are here to make certain that everything inside and outside your home welcomes you, not just when  you are there, but we make certain that your home stays in excellent condition while you are away, too. Enjoy peace of mind and leave the work to us.

Coordinating Contractor


Whether you are home or away, we will work with your service and repair contractors to coordinate and ensure timely completion of the work desired.

home for sale, home inspection, home watch, vero beach, concierge service

Concierge Service


We will stock your fridge and bar before you arrive and make certain that all the comforts of home are waiting for you to welcome you back! We provide additional concierge services, too!



Pineapple Estate & Property Management, LLC

Camille Yates, Owner/Manager

Licensed REALTOR® in Florida with Alex MacWilliam, Inc.

Licensed REALTOR® in North Carolina with Blue Ridge Real Estate.

C: 828-747-1130


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